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🤯 Get a Companion Pass with one flight

You don't want to miss out on this, folks...

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💳 Last Call: Earn 5 Free Night Awards worth 50k each from one credit card. This is the best bonus we’ve ever seen, and I wouldn’t expect to see it again any time soon… so get on it.

Selamat pagi dan selamat datang di Daily Drop, newsletter yang terbaik di dunia.

I’ve been aggressively learning to speak Bahasa for the last three months… so thanks for letting me practice… 😉

Here’s what else I’ve learned recently:

✈️ Earn a Southwest Companion pass from ONE FLIGHT

Okay, people… hold onto your trousers because this is a good one…

Right now, there is a way to get an EASY Southwest Companion Pass, but you need to act very quickly…

Earn SW Companion Pass

Here’s how this deal works:

  • Register for the offer

  • Book a round-trip ticket (or two one-way flights) by TODAY

  • Complete your trip by May 22nd

  • Get a Companion Pass valid between August 5th and October 2nd, 2024

It’s actually super simple, though it’s important to note that the Companion Pass is only valid for that two-month period.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, a Southwest Companion Pass allows you to bring a companion with you for free on any and all Southwest flights you book for yourself (the only expense is the $5.60 taxes and fees).

If you already have Southwest flights booked before May 22nd, amazing… You’re done.

If not, there could be ways to “mileage run” this offer.

Here’s what I mean…

It might be worth taking a couple of short flights now if it means you’ll save money by flying with a companion in the fall.

For example, if you live in Los Angeles, you could register for the offer and book two short flights between LAX and Las Vegas.

Sample SW flight from LAX-LAS for $46

In this case, you’re paying $92 (and a couple of hours of your time) to complete the requirements and get two months of Companion Pass.

If you bring a companion with you on one or two trips during that time, you’ll probably come out WAY ahead of your $92 investment.

For example, you could book this round trip from Seattle to Miami in the fall. If you bring a companion (for free), that $92 investment yields a return of $560 from this one trip alone.

Example of a SW booking from SEA-FLL for $660

If you want to take this a step further, Companion Pass also works when using points.

So if you sign up for a co-branded credit card now, rack up a ton of points, and earn a cheap Companion Pass, you’ll be getting double the free flights when fall comes around.

Overall, this is an amazing promo… Of course, you need to book your flights today to be eligible.

Given Southwest’s generous change policy, you could easily book some placeholder flights and just change or cancel them down the road if you don’t end up taking them.

😵‍💫 Get paid to binge-watch travel movies

Do you like binge-watching movies while pounding a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? Do you like to travel and learn about the world?

Do you like money?

Well, I have some good news for you…

Upgraded Points is offering one lucky person the chance to earn $1,500 to simply binge-watch 15 travel movies, take notes, and learn about the world.

A graphic showing a person watching a movie

There are some terms and conditions, but this is a pretty amazing deal for anyone who loves travel, and especially those of you with some wanderlust who can’t get out on their next trip right away.

Anyway… we have no relationship with them, but I thought it was a cool opportunity to share with y’all:

🌎 Where in the World Wednesday: Palm Springs

This week, FareDrop is giving dreamy desert vibes because… We’re headed to Palm Springs, CA 🌴☀️

FareDrop screenshot showing three deals with the one to Palm Springs highlighted

I love a good desert. And when it’s a dreamy desert? Even better.

Palm Springs has always been known as the playground for celebrities during Hollywood’s glamorous era in the 1950s and 60s.

Its prolific mid-century modern architecture also confirms that. Honestly, nothing says Palm Springs more than a swanky 1960s abode with a pool in the back and a classic car parked out front.

A mid-century modern house with a yellow classic car out front

Today, many people still flock there to absorb all things relaxation and wellness. I’m talking about everything from luxurious spas to amazing hiking, golfing, biking, and rock climbing.

Plus, Joshua Tree National Park is just a short drive away—which is a must.

And as with any former hippie Mecca, you can also expect to find tons of art and cultural events.

Speaking of hippies…

Did I mention a tiny, unknown music festival called Coachella is also held in Palm Springs each year? 🤭

And because we like it weird and adventurous here at Daily Drop, I also have to shoutout the PS Air Bar—a speakeasy that is airplane-themed—and serves up food, drinks, and entertainment on the regular 👇

Interior of PS Air Bar with purple lighting, airplane seats, and a bar in the back

It’s pretty rad.

If you’ve made it this far and don’t know what FareDrop is, let me fill you in.

FareDrop is our sister company—an app that scours the internet for the lowest fares to both domestic and international destinations all around the world.

You can set up custom alerts to notify you when ticket prices drop (and snag a great deal) just like this cheap flight to Palm Springs. Interested? 😏

A few weeks ago, we recorded a podcast that discussed which cards are in mine, Megan, and Tiffany’s wallets.

This week, Brendan takes to YouTube to discuss what’s in his!

You can probably guess that we all have a lot of overlapping credit cards that bring us regular value… but you might be surprised to see a few cards that Brendan uses that we didn’t mention in the pod!

Check it out 👇

That’s all for today, kiddos. I’m currently crammed into a tiny train car on my 5-hour journey to Surabaya, and I regret everything…

What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

Please explain...

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See you tomorrow morning ❤️

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Head Writer, Daily Drop

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