✈️ Fly to Iceland for $99

Plus, I've got a hack that can save you $200 per night on Hyatt stays, and we'll brighten up your day with some travel inspiration to finish things off.

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Good morning from beautiful Prague, Czechia, the “most beautiful city in Europe,” as described by… well… me.

And now, onto the most beautiful travel hacking newsletter (also described by me):

  • ✈️ Fly to Iceland for $99

  • 🏨 Buy Hyatt points with a 20% bonus

  • 🌎 Where in the World Wednesday

✈️ Fly to Iceland for $99

You know what I love? Travel.

You know what I love even more, though? MONEY. Cold, hard cash.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Play Airlines was offering a way to provide a travel experience that saves me a bunch of cold, hard cash.

As you can see, Play Airlines, an Icelandic airline with a headquarters in Reykjavik, is offering flights between the U.S. and Europe for as little as $99 one-way.

Their marketing campaign is also super original, citing “scary low prices” that we should “be afraid of.” 😑

Anyway, here are the deets:

  • This is a flash sale that is expiring on November 3rd, so book ASAP

  • The sale prices are valid between the following U.S. cities and Europe:

    • Baltimore (BWI)

    • Washington, D.C. (IAD)

    • New York City (SWF)

    • Boston (BOS)

  • Travel can take place between November 1 and March 31, 2024

As of now, I’m still seeing tons of availability for the $99 tickets between all of the U.S. cities and Reykjavik, specifically.

When you travel beyond Iceland, the prices go up a little bit, though I still found some deals that I would consider to be incredible, like:

  • Boston to Lisbon for $163

  • New York to Barcelona for $149

  • Washington to Athens for $150

  • Tons more

Most of the lowest prices are per direction when booking a round-trip, so if you’re looking at one-ways only, it’s harder to find the ultra-low fares.

As a word of warning, Play Airlines is a BUDGET-ASS airline… so if you book a ticket at these prices, make sure you’re aware of the extremely restrictive baggage, change, and cancellation policies.

The lowest fares only allow for a small personal item, and baggage fees can definitely add up…

Play Airlines’ baggage guidelines

Still, if you’re down to travel light and put up with a budget airline, this is a fantastic deal.

Personally, I’ll be taking a look at some of their flights to Europe for early 2024. If I can save some points and get dirt-cheap flights, I’m happy to play by their rules.

Fingers crossed they stay alive longer than Wow Air did… 😬

🏨 Buy Hyatt points with a 20% bonus

At this point, I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to buying points… I go against most of the travel community when I say that I think everybody should consider buying points.

There are just so many ways to game the system using this hack.

Right now, Hyatt is selling points with a 20% bonus, which offers some pretty solid opportunities to save money on upcoming bookings.

Here are the deets:

  • The 20% bonus applies to purchases of 5,000 points or more

  • Valid through December 4th, 2023

  • A member can only buy up to 55,000 points per year

Keep in mind that Hyatt points are generally much more valuable than other hotel points. So while the prices might seem high, it’s worth looking a bit further into things.

Let’s say you want to take a spontaneous trip to California. You could shell out $560 per night (after tax) for this hotel in Long Beach.

But since the same hotel on the same night only costs 18,000 Hyatt points, you could also just use this points promo to BUY 18,000 points, which would only cost you $360.

You could then use those points to book the exact same hotel.

By simply being strategic about buying points, you save $200 per night on a hotel like this. 🤯

There are endless ways that you can approach your Hyatt bookings with this tactic. Much of the time, you’ll end up saving money.

Of course, there are other ways to earn Hyatt points, like transferring UR points from a card like this one.

So before pulling the trigger on a points purchase, make sure you crunch the numbers and make sure there aren’t easier/cheaper alternatives. 

If the numbers make sense, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger on buying some points, regardless of what other blogs on the internet might tell you.

🌎 Where in the World Wednesday

Guess what?! FareDrop is taking us to another beautiful European city… Bucharest, Romania! 🇷🇴

Oh, Bucharest, the Paris of the East. Or at least that’s what they say… It really was once called “Little Paris” because of its elegant architecture and lively cultural scene.

Today, it’s more like “Little Paris Hilton,” with a mix of glamorous and bizarre.

For starters, Bucharest’s Palace of Parliament has been deemed the heaviest building in the world (which is rather weird 🤔) due to it being just ridiculously massive. It’s so heavy, that it reportedly caused the city’s seismic activity to increase!

Who knew bureaucracy could be so… earth-shaking, amiright?

You also CANNOT visit Bucharest without tasting mămăligă, Romania’s answer to polenta. It’s basically a cornmeal porridge, but it’s way more fun to say 🙃

There is, of course, the stunning and winding streets of the Old Town. Any good ole’ European city has an Old Town to explore, and Bucharest is no different.

Speaking of stunning, if you’re down to sip beer in pretty places, pop into Caru’ cu Bere, an ornate beer hall where you can feel like royalty—or at least like someone who’s treating themselves.

And if you’re into the whole spooky season thing, Dracula is known to have lurked in this corner of the world—he might even have a castle you can explore… 👀🧛

So you have your flights and activities dialed in, right? Then you must add Cherry to your list of money-saving hacks as well.

They’ve got an awesome browser extension that I’ve used on a couple of my past trips that has alerted me to a better deal on an accommodation that I was browsing online.

Here’s just one example for this cool place in Bucharest with Cherry slashing out that original retail price 👇

So what are you waiting for? Get tons of cheap flights to destinations all over the world by signing up for FareDrop!

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That’s all for today, friends! I hope you all can scoop up some of those cheap Europe flights like I plan to do.

What’s the cheapest flight you’ve ever found? Which city in Europe would you be most excited to visit? Let me know by replying to this email or reaching out on social media.


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