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  • 🏨 A new transfer bonus to a new transfer partner

🏨 A new transfer bonus to a new transfer partner

Plus, you can win a trip to the Galapagos with our next giveaway, JetBlue gets their sale on today only, and more.

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🌋 Last month, a baby volcano at Litli-Hrútur erupted after being dormant for 800 years. Now, scientists are expecting more volcanic activity in this part of Iceland. Read more about the volcano here.

Good morning from crazy Shanghai, China! I could not be more excited to explore this strange, new place.

But first, let’s travel hack:

  • 🐢 We’re giving away a trip to the Galápagos Islands

  • ✈️ JetBlue flash sale (TODAY only)

  • 🍪 Tasty Travel Tidbits

  • 💳 20% transfer bonus to Wyndham

🐢 We’re giving away a trip to the Galápagos Islands

Another day, another life-changing Daily Drop giveaway.

But this is no ordinary giveaway… No, no, my friends. This is a TRUE bucket list trip.

We are giving away a luxury cruise to… wait for it… the Galápagos Islands.

Yeah, I know. It’s awesome. But wait till you hear the details.

The winner of this giveaway will receive the following:

  • 8-day, 7-night luxury cruise to the Galapagos Islands for two with Ecoventura 

  • ALL food, drinks, and activities included

  • $3,000 to cover flights and other miscellaneous expenses

I HIGHLY encourage you to check out Ecoventura’s website, because the cruise looks absolutely stunning 😮

The best part about this whole situation?

You can all enter to win. Multiple times, in fact. 

Here’s how:

Click the big button below and follow the instructions. You’ll earn giveaway entries for things like confirming you’re a Daily Drop subscriber, following us on social media, and more.

It’s so simple a caveman can do it. Wait… can I be canceled for saying that now?

Never mind, I don’t care. Just click the button, people.

And if you’re wondering about the Hawaii giveaway, just know that it’s still going to happen, and you’ll know when we re-launch it.

This Galapagos giveaway ends on September 20th, and we’ll announce the winner here on Daily Drop on September 22nd, so keep reading to find out if you’ve won! 🐢

✈️ JetBlue flash sale (TODAY only)

JetBlue is back with its annual Fall sale, but only for a very short time. Like, only today.

That’s right, folks. Until the end of the day today, you can book JetBlue flights for the fall with prices as low as $39 one-way.

Here are the deets:

  • You must book flights by 11:59 PM EST today (Thursday)

  • Travel can take place between September 6th and November 15th, 2023

  • There are blackout dates (including all Fridays and Sundays… 😒)

  • You must book your flights directly through JetBlue on this page

Overall, this is obviously a good deal… Whenever you can fly a good airline like JetBlue for the price of a fancy avocado toast, it’s a good opportunity.

Here are just a few examples I found of great-value flights from New York City:

Even for tickets over $39, there is still excellent value to be found.

So if you have any travel plans coming up this fall, now is the perfect time to book cheap travel on a great airline.

🍪 Tasty Travel Tidbits

💳 20% transfer bonus to Wyndham

Wyndham is not a hotel chain we often talk about. And for good reason—their rewards aren’t as valuable, it’s harder to earn points with them, and their hotels are just not as attractive as other chains.

But make no mistake… there is still excellent value to be had with Wyndham.

Also, this bank has just launched a transfer bonus to Wyndham, offering even more value.

Until September 16th, 2023, you’ll receive an additional 20% bonus points when transferring from this bank to Wyndham.

20% is definitely not the best transfer bonus we’ve seen, but it’s great to see new bonuses coming out at all.

And you may remember that Wyndham has a “secret” sweet spot for booking vacation rentals with Vacasa.

If you aren’t aware, Vacasa is basically like Airbnb, but you can book them with Wyndham points.

Here’s how it works:

  • Rentals cost 15,000 points per night per room

    • Example: A one-bedroom rental will cost 15,000 points per night, while a two-bedroom rental will cost 30,000 points per night

  • If you own a Wyndham credit card, you’ll get a 10% discount

  • Bookings are freely cancelable up to 30 days prior to check-in, otherwise, you must forfeit your points if you cancel

15,000 points for a vacation rental is actually awesome 🎉

With this transfer bonus, you’d be able to book one of these bad boys for just 12,500 of these points, which is great.

Earlier this year, I was looking at a Vacasa rental in Lake Tahoe that was priced at over $2,000 for a 4-night stay.

With this bonus, you’d only need to transfer 50,000 points to book this stay for 60,000 Wyndham points.

That means you’d be getting a value of around 4 cents per point… that’s crazy. ESPECIALLY for Wyndham points.

So if you have any points lying around with this bank, I’d recommend looking into Wyndham and Vacasa to see if you can put them to good use.

One of my favorite ways to learn about new travel hacks is in our very own Daily Drop Lounge, an online community of DD fans and travel hackers.

And unlike your local airport lounge, you won’t have any trouble getting into the Daily Drop Lounge. 😉

Here’s a look at a post from this past week if you want a taste of what you’re missing:

That’s all for today, folks! Before I let you go, tell me something:

✈️ Do you prefer a cash sale or a point transfer bonus?

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Take care and see you tomorrow,

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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